Thursday, September 29, 2011

Grammar Worksheets: For the Video Game Generation... (its vs. it's)

Words Often Confused:           it’s, its 

Bob the Angry Flower ( wants you to know the difference between it’s and its.   Remember, it’s like Bob says: if you can’t use the words “it is” to replace it’s, you’re using it wrong.

Why People Make the Mistake:  It’s easy to understand why people make this mistake, especially when they’re trying to say, when pointing at an ungendered blob of ooze “that is its plasma weapon.”  Normally we have to use a possessive apostrophe to indicate ownership.  For example, “that’s the ungendered blob of ooze’s plasma weapon.”  But not with its.  No, in that instance you only use it’s when you’re replacing the words (say it with me here) “it is.”  For example, “it’s its plasma rifle.”  See the difference there?  Now let’s (or, let us) see if we can write down examples to make sure we always remember.

Use the word “its” in a sentence:


Use the word “it’s” in a sentence:


By now you should know the difference, and as a wise cartoon voice once said, knowing is half the battle.  On the next paper, you will be responsible for proving how well you have learned the difference.  Beware, for the next side will be graded.

Underline the correct word (its, or it’s) in each sentence.

1.      Donkey Kong kidnapped the princess but (its, it’s) ok, because Mario will save her.

2.      Lizzie punches George off the building while Ralph wonders if (its, it’s) time for dinner.

3.      The Batmobile couldn’t rescue Batman because (its, it’s) gas tank was empty.

4.      NHL ’94 is a great game because of (its, it’s) four player option.

5.      Ecco the dolphin wondered if (its, it’s) world could ever be saved.

6.      Strider knew that (its, it’s)tough to clean up the streets, but he tried anyway.

7.      Link managed to travel back in time, even though (its, it’s) dangerous to alter history.

8.      (Its, It’s)too bad Toe Jam and Earl look like monsters.

9.      Ice Climber was entertaining because (its, it’s) fun to use a big mallet.

10. The Ox always broke (its, it’s) leg, leading to  death from dysentery in Oregon Trail.

11. (Its, It’s) not as if Ms. Pac-Man was that much different than Pac-Man.

12. The opposing team, Technos, threw (its, it’s) ball across the playing field.

13. When going up against a Cyber Demon (its, it’s) best to have a BFG-9000.

14. (Its, It’s) important to always have at least one golden ring, if you’re a blue hedgehog.

15. Serge found a frozen flame and used (its, it’s) power to try and make a better world.

16. (Its, It’s)a huge surprise when Samus takes off her helmet, and shows she’s a female.

17. Mega Man gained a new ability, and (its, it’s) power was to create a shield of leaves.

18. Bubble Bobble taught us (its, it’s) important to always eat enough fruit... and cake.

19. The best part of any hockey game is when (its, it’s) time to play Galaga during the half.

20. You should play of River City Ransom because (its, it’s) one of the best NES games.

21. (Its, It’s) impossible to beat level 11 of Battletoads; anyone who says otherwise is lying.

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